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Pedal Faucet


Foot-Controlled Faucet Operation

Faucet Control™ can be added to any faucet to provide hands-free faucet operation. Controlling your faucet with your foot is easy and provides many benefits.


Residential Applications

Faucet Control™ foot pedal faucet is an ideal companion for any kitchen, laundry room, garage, or workshop faucet. Increasing your efficiency around the house while saving water is easy with Faucet Control™ foot faucet.


RV and Marine Applications

Faucet Control™ will enhance your recreational lifestyle by providing you with complete control of your water consumption. Extend your freshwater supply and reduce your holding tank fill-rate with Faucet Control™.

Pedal Faucet
Automatic Faucet Control
Foot Controlled Faucet