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Foot Operated Faucet


Water Conservation

Conserving water is easy with Faucet Control™ foot pedal faucet . Save money. Save energy. Comply with drought region water restrictions. Conserve our natural resources. Reduce water consumption by 50 percent or more at any faucet location.

Hands-Free Control

Controlling your faucet with your foot is as intuitive as controlling the speed of your car. Increasing your efficiency in the kitchen is easy when your hands are free.

Reduces Germs and Bacteria

Kitchens harbor more bacteria than any room in your house. Handling your faucet spreads germs. Faucet Control™ foot faucet increases hygiene in your kitchen.


Eliminate Water-Spotted Counters

Is there anything more frustrating than cleaning hard water deposits from your countertops and faucets? Faucet Control™ eliminates this problem in your kitchen, saving you time and effort.

Compatible with any Faucet

One lever or two knobs – Faucet Control™ works with any faucet.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Just follow the instructions included with every Faucet Control™ pedal faucet. See Technical Information for more information.