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Q: How much water can I save with Faucet Control™ foot pedal faucet?
A: You can reduce your water consumption by 50% or more at any faucet location.


Q: I’m concerned about draining my RV battery. How much power does Faucet Control™ foot faucet use?
A: The power consumption of your Faucet Control™ is equivalent to a small 12-volt reading light. Faucet Control™ only draws electrical current when the foot pedal is activated. Since RV water pumps are one of the largest demands on your RV’s electrical system, the foot faucet actually extends your battery life between charges by minimizing the water pump running time.


Q: How long will the Faucet Control™ module last with normal use?
A: At 60 activations per day, your Faucet Control™ is designed to last more than 10 years. After the 12-month unconditional warranty expires, you may purchase replacement foot pedals at our website. We also offer repair service at a reasonable cost after warranty expiration.


Q: How is Faucet Control™ foot pedal faucet different from infrared sensor faucets?
A: Infrared sensor faucets do not always activate when desired. They often remain on for several seconds after use. The complex circuitry in infrared sensor faucets result in unpredictable water flow, which often frustrates users. Faucet Control™ uses a reliable, floor-mounted foot pedal for water flow control, providing consistent, on-demand water flow with every use.